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Hog Blog

By Ian
21 September 2009 00:00:00

Hi everyone. It seems that my last blog was lost en-route from the netherworld back to reality after we finished mixing. It really was interesting, and funny, but I think Cogs hacked into my system and replaced it with his blog. I must admit…it wasn’t a bad read. You can tell he’s been going to uni, and reading lots of magazines while sitting on public transport on the way to his modelling shoots.

As I sit at my Brisbane abode on Friday night listening to the Eastern Dark, the Scientists, and the Hoodoo Gurus, and having a cup of green tea I wonder what should be the inspiration of this piece I have to write. I have come to the conclusion that I have been set the most difficult task of any of the others. I mean…they could talk about fun stuff like recording, mixing, or even golf or fishing…but me…what can I say?

All we’ve been doing is the TOP 5

1 Making a video which is going to be amazing…(someone nearly let the cat out of the bag re: the premise…but I think we’re safe). No-one will guess that we are all dressed up in drag having a pillow fight. Surely!

The song “Dreamers” is out to the airwaves this Friday, and the video quickly after that. Get ready to see the fancy poo brown g-string Darren is sporting.

2 We have been rehearsing away at all these new songs, and they are sounding great. We have not even had the extra chaps that will be touring with us sometimes come in yet…so it’s gonna be tops when they do. JC is getting really good at the tuba.

3 We have been doing an awful lot of talking about ourselves. Some of us are obviously a lot better at that than others. (It doesn’t take much imagination to work out who the brilliant self promoters are.) In the process of doing that, we have had some listening parties, and we have met some tops people…who seemed sane, and they seemed to really like our new record…so we must be on vaguely the right track. Thanks to all those people.

4 We have been having lots of meetings. Lots and lots of meetings. Did I say lots of meetings? It's all really, really important stuff, so I can't really disclose that kind of information here. It's way too important for me to actually even be able to disclose this. It could cause a security breach, and the general public might end up knowing stuff like where our secret gigs are and stuff and which Wednesday night that it's actually on.

5 I can only speak for myself, but it's nice to be at home catching up with friends and family and going out to see the hometown sights. I even went and saw a rock and roll band last night. The guy had massive curly hair, and sang all about mystical stuff and that. It’s his new band. They were really really good!

Anyhows….I better keep it simple, and sign off, and wish you all of the best. We can't wait to see you at one of our upcoming shows, and we can't wait for you to hear our new record. Lots of love for now.

IAN. xx

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Jetsin (23 April 2016 07:48:59)
I might be bentiag a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

Cristobal (24 October 2015 10:29:02)
PCoT: I felt hoplessly out of touch with my ancinet Nokia that spontaneously switch itself off. Switched, switches?I'm out country at the moment too. Munchins snapping a rock festival with their camera phones.And goddamn, what I'd give for good ol' ozzie rockness.kuddos for the fluffs up the poodle-permed mullet post. Delicious.And Graham hear, hear.



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