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Talk about dedication...

By Ms Fanclub
08 October 2009 00:00:00

Thanks Tim for sending these through!




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Kathy (23 April 2016 07:55:27)
Wow, this is in every respcet what I needed to know.

Lauren (27 January 2011 09:37:45)
well if you are going to get a tat you are gonna get it of something good right? well you exceeded good! yours is AWESOME!!!! nice work :)

Ness (29 October 2010 07:46:33)
Well said Tim! (re: post below) you rock!!! I think your tatt = super awesome! :)

Tim (09 December 2009 17:43:23)
Hi, this is Tim again, with the tatt. I've been reading alot of comments on my tattoo lately and I would just like to say that yes, the word powderfinger was done long before the signatures. Yes, I did put alot of thought into this before getting it. What you need to understand is to me Powderfinger is one of the greatest bands that exist in music today. And this is coming from someone who listens to 60's and 70's rock.

Yes, 'Powderfinger' has since been redone to blacken it up.
And to those who says things like 'but what about when your 60?' i say: 'The music I listen to now will define me as a person in my mature age. So when I kick back in my armchair at 60 and put on a powderfinger album, it will bring back a bucket load of great memories for me...such as meeting the band twice'

So thanks for your input and everything. but the main thing is that im happy having this tattoo and even happier knowing that the band themselves know about.



Tim (16 November 2009 19:01:48)
Hi there,

This is Tim (the one with the tattoo), yes, the signatures are tattooed also...but unfortunantly i wont be selling my arm to anyone...haha...thanks again to the band for making this the best thing i could ask for :)

Jack Devlin (09 November 2009 21:32:44)

I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also, just checking, are those sigs tattoed in as well???

because i want first bids on his arm if he ever sells it on ebay, lol :D



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