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A message from Powderfinger

By Bernard, Cogs, Darren, Ian & JC
13 December 2010 00:00:00

Gday Folks.

Now that the fist pumping excitement of the "Sunsets" Tour is over I would like to throw a few well meaning compliments around before the tumbleweeds blow into Powderfinger internet fandom. Firstly, to everyone that made the effort to come and see us on the last run of shows. I think these gigs that we just completed had a particularly buoyant spirit that made it feel like a great way to bring our touring to an end.   There have been a lot of people (aka repeat offenders) who have stuck with us over the years and for that I am truly grateful and I hope that our music continues to resonate in people's lives through the years to come. Also I want to thank everyone that has worked behind the scenes for us over the past two decades. It's pretty staggering the effort that our crew has put in on our major tours, along with our management team headed by Paul, our agent Jess and everyone at Universal. But most of all, the people who bought our records, came to the shows and spread the word............................top work all round and thank you. See you out there on our reunion tour in January 2011!!!!! Good onya.


Hi everyone,

Well, it's been three weeks since we finished up and it's taken that whole time for it sink in and to reflect. I'm sure the amazing memories of our last tour will slowly bubble up and brew through the next few months, as will twenty years of touring and partying with Powderfinger. It'll be hard to ever forget looking out over the crowds at the Riverstage or the Myer Music Bowl. It'll be hard to quieten the residual ring in my ears from those three shows in Perth thanks to the loudest crowd we've ever experienced. It'll be hard to forget the enthusiasm from 8000 cyclone drenched Sunny Coasters at Caloundra and 6000 overheated Darwinians at the Gardens Ampitheatre. But really I shouldn't single out these shows, because the whole tour was full of loud and loving crowds. It was especially warming to see the passion with which the front few rows would sing the songs every night. And to walk through the audience everynight from our B stage to the main stage was pretty special (I only got grabbed by the nuts once).

I really must say a huge thank you to everyone who attended and encouraged us through the set each night. We've always talked of the symbiotic relationship we've had with music listeners that come to our shows - we couldn't really do it without you guys because that's how our music works.

Anyway, short of my stealing the classic Motley Crew line -'Crew fans (insert Powderfinger fans) are the best fans in the world,' I'd like to say it was a pleasure sharing the journey with you all. Hope to see you some time in the future.

With love,

Dearest readers,

Where does one start? When I think back to the early days of the band....playing the Orient Hotel, all the driving around this beautiful country we live in, playing in so many venues, pubs, woodsheds, barnyards, clubhouses, stages, stadiums... they hold many fond memories, ones that I will never forget. The elation of playing live, the struggle at times in the band room and in the studio, being away from friends and family at many points throughout our time as a band, the travel overseas, making new friends and the many, many hangovers that I punished myself with (don't regret a single one though).....and the one thing that made it all possible to continue, and grow as we did as a band and as people, was all of you who came to our shows, bought our CDs and generally supported us through the years.

The words 'Thank You' seem inadequate as honestly, I have had the time of my life the past 20 odd years. So, THANK YOU...!!!!!! (In the boldest font I could find....)
I wish you all the best, where ever you are, where ever you go, whoever your with. Perhaps I will see some of you again on my next musical adventure....
Until then,
Darren Middleton
The Pixie......

It is not just one of us …. But all of us that wish to say a final adieu here on the interweb…. and now it’s my turn . Hello. I’m Ian here!!!!!

I don’t just want to say goodbye and thanks, but also hello and welcome to the next stage of the 5 Finger splinter groups. Ironic isn’t it? Five fingers and all?

As some of you know – my next project is going to be called “The Ocelots”, and the album “Intense” will have pictures of camping gear . Seriously though…. I am sure that there will be plenty of interesting stuff in the years to come…. Just no new stuff from “the Fingers”. Hang on… spoiler alert …maybe a song or two that we have already recorded?

Perhaps I will be doing an external university degree, majoring in punctuation. As you can see, I am having some serious issues with respect to pauses and too many full stops as I am writing to you from my home ranch out in the sticks. That’s what the country air, and eating platypus and koala steaks does to you.

Thank you to everyone who came along to our shows on the tour, and to those peeps that have supported us over the years. I think people are expecting us to do what seems to be the norm, and reform at some stage. I guarantee….that will never be happening.

We have had a blast over the last 22 years or so, and we are extremely grateful we got a chance to play the game (that the musical industry is) on our terms, and surround ourself with quality people on all levels that worked with us. Thank you to all those people. You know who you are….. Particularly Paul, Jess, Marky, Brownie and Denis who have put up with us for the longest. There are too many others to mention here. Then there are the people whose names I don’t know at all, who made our whole lives possible by being fans of the 'Finger. Our fans are the greatest fans in the world. Muchos love to youse all.

At some stage soon you will be hearing the obligatory “best of” and hopefully some kind of “rarities” compilation. I am sure that is going to piss off some people that think we won't go away, but that is good. We are looking forward to annoying those 5 people some time down the track.

So, for now, and probably a really long time….goodbye. Have a safe and happy Christmas, holidays and New Year's.

See you out at a venue somewhere soon, and I’ll shout you a beer if you shout me a Long Island Iced Tea.

Remember….support live music.


To all of our fans from the recent tour and all the tours throughout the history of Powderfinger,

I would personally like to thank you for all your support over the years. Your support has enabled us to have a long career in music and we always had a great time performing our music every time we took the stage. It has been an amazing ride and at times hardly felt like it could really be called a job. It has been so much fun and I feel very privileged to have had the experience. I hope our music stays with you all as my memories of the last 20 years will.

Take care of yourselves and thanks again.


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Reegan (23 April 2016 07:35:29)
Well maaimadca nuts, how about that.

JA (30 November 2013 04:32:49)
First time I've seen these comments...
Still playing the tunes and often remember the last gig in Brisvegas , being from SA it was an adventure and am happy to be part of Australian history...
Thank you for sharing the times Brownie and the rest of you lads...(kidding) - it's been a great journey! Thank you!

John (30 November 2013 04:28:26)
First time I've seen these comments...
Still playing the tunes and often remember the last gig in Brisvegas , being from SA it was an adventure and am happy to be part of Australian history...
Thank you for sharing the times Brownie and the rest of you lads...(kidding) - it's been a great journey! Thank you!

Justin Roffey (07 October 2013 21:42:13)
We miss you guys, please come back... Aussie music is just not the same without the finger, sure I appreciate your own individual projects but the is a hole where you guys used to be and could once again be. we miss you guys :(

rodney connell (25 October 2011 17:11:17)
Double allergic stood the hairs up on the back of my neck again today thankyou for making timeless music. seen you a few times my last time denni ute muster befor the start of last tour.will be forever my favourite band. Prosper in all that you aspire for and live long and happy lives. p.s dont do anything i wouldnt do, cause if you do it'll bloody hurt.

barb kent (04 September 2011 18:48:52)
Just watched ur sunsets dvd- I was there Rod laver- miwss u guys. it was awesome

Damian (19 March 2011 10:56:53)
All the thanks should be for you guys. You produced amazing music in every single album you released. My wife and i have been to a couple of live shows and i have to say you guys are amazing live. Its sad to see you go as there is no more anticipation of when your next album being released or your next tour date.
Finger fans forever

brett (11 March 2011 22:27:20)
not sure if this is the right place to say to you all (powderfinger) but have just finished watching sunsets dvd again for the hundredth time and its getting harder to control myself, when you play These Days i just loose it(grab tissues). 20 years of growth with you all and well.....missing you heaps. all the best wishes to you and your familys, yous rock.

Lauren (23 January 2011 19:16:08)
First of all i just want to say that the sunsets tour was absolutly amazing! best night of my life!! your music is so inspiring and AWESOME to listen to! it is just the best music that i have ever heard! you guuys and your music has really made a difference to my life anf i am already missing Powderfinger! i hope hat you guys know that the music that you have produced over the years has not only made a difference to my life but the rest of the world's as well! hope you are all doing GREAT!
Lauren xxx

declan (17 January 2011 08:52:19)
hey guys, was at the first brissie concert you did at the riverstage (the one where it rained and rained the whole night). are you going to do a concert for the flood relief? Bernard, as a Terrace old boy you should see Tennyson. water was 4m deep and cricket will be off for the term. it would be great to see you live again to raise money for a good cause.

David Dundee (15 January 2011 14:55:52)
Hey guys is there any chance of doing a charity concert with some other OZ artist to raise money for the Brissy and QLD flood victims like the blaze aid concert,,please?

Janine (21 December 2010 07:34:51)
Cogs if you are ever in Victoria I will take you for a ride on my Ducati, shout you a beer and we can watch sunsets over the beaches.

karen (14 December 2010 23:50:43)
Thank you so much Powderfinger. Only got to see you for the first time in your farewell tour in Sydney which was awesome. I have loved your music for years. Let us know when you will consider doing a John Farnham!!

Rebecca (14 December 2010 21:08:24)
Good words guys... How bout you all have a year or two off... then hopefully realise how good your music is. We will be waiting patiently like a loyal dog!! Merry Christmas and thanks for your last tour it was awesome!!!

Siobhan (14 December 2010 13:20:56)
What beautiful words, guys! You have made the most amazing work seemingly so easily and we're so sad it's come to a close! It
is truly a rare gift, so talented and so genuine over twenty fantastic years, so kudos to you, guys! and Thank you! ;)

Mel (14 December 2010 02:58:24)
I don't know if any of you will actually read the comments but I'm with Darren. There is no way to thank you guys for everything you have given me. Not just awesome music throughout my powderfinger fandom. But because of you guys i have met a whole bunch of awesome, beautiful people who i shall never forget, and come to explore this genre of rock and roll and all the awesome music that comes along with it (if i hadn't gone to my first PF concert back in 2001 who knows what i'd be listening to now). You've also given me the courage and strength to follow my dreams and to be who i want to be and not follow the path that someone else has chosen for me. 'Have you ever attempted to be yourself when everybody wants you to be someone else?' Well because of you I have the courage and passion to do just that. I will be eternally grateful for the moments i shared with you during the last tour and for everything you have given me.
Love and hugs to you all
See you round

Kelly Rashleigh (14 December 2010 00:17:44)
Thank you so much for the amazing music you guys have pumped out over the years. Almost every special moment in my life had a Powderfinger sing playing to it. I loved backpacking to Gallipoli and singing along on the tour bus with all the other Aussies. My happiness is the song my partener and i played when I returned home. And your cd's are always on play or cranked on my ipod. I'm going to miss you heaps. Your sunsets tour was the best and I was there in Perth singing at the top of my lungs. All the best for your future endevours. Kel.xx

Tainya (13 December 2010 23:07:13)
Thank You All for your Wonderful Music, You will never be Forgotton !!! Powderfinger is and was a big part of peoples lives, especially mine !! I can't Thank you all enough !! Love Ya's Long Time, Wishing you all and your Families the best Health, Wealth and Happiness :) xxxxx

Arttu (13 December 2010 22:40:06)
I've been a fan for over a decade, but since I live in Finland I got to see you guys play live only once back in 2007 (dublin). It was one of the most memorable moments of my life, and it was so much fun to meet you guys so randomly in a pub after the show. Very few people get a priviledge to have a beer and a chat with their favorite band, and I'll never forget how nice fellas you all were. Good luck with everything in the future, and thanks for everything you've done for the music in the past.

Louisa Woods (13 December 2010 21:05:41)
I flew from Kalgoorlie to Melbourne to catch your Ballarat concert as I was overseas when you played in Perth and there was NO WAY I was going to miss your Sunsets tour. Lucky for me, I have a sister in Melbourne so she, her husband and I went to that concert...it was fuckin' AWESOME....

I know you guys said there wouldnt be one, but now I cant wait for the reunion tour!!!!!!!!

Neet (13 December 2010 20:51:21)
Like many others, I sang my heart out during your Perth visit, and never wanted the the final song to be sung. Thanks for the all the songs, guys. They have been a huge part of my life and will always continue to be. Enjoy life, and looking forward to your new and individual musical directions. Jeez, now you've made me tear up. Sending cyber hugs to you. xx

Rick (13 December 2010 20:45:10)
Thanks for these comments, guys.

Bec (13 December 2010 20:36:12)
The memories will live on, along with the great music.

Lisa (13 December 2010 20:23:56)
Powderfinger, well well well, i'm gonna miss you guys so much, i've been seeing u for the past 14 years in melb, I was 2nd row for your last gig at the Myer Music Bowl, which i'll treasure that memory (as with all the concert cd's/DVD's) 4 eva... Wish u all happiness, love, peace & relaxation. xoxo

Karen (13 December 2010 20:19:25)
Thanks so much......never say never!

trqcey gatt (13 December 2010 20:01:15)
i love all of you!!!! going to miss you...... how r we going to be able to follow your indiviual careers?

Janet (13 December 2010 18:46:21)
What can i say that hasn't already been said, i will miss you all as an entity, but will look forward to seeing you individually in more musical endeavours! Meanwhile, i will continue to play and enjoy your music which has become a major part of my life! Thanks again guys, peace, health, happiness and long life to you all. xxx

Adam (13 December 2010 18:34:51)
Powderfinger I saw all your live shows here in WA and am saddened by the end of this journey ... you're records however will last many lifetimes. Peace

kiera (13 December 2010 17:43:45)
will look forward to it darren!

Nick (13 December 2010 17:36:48)
I'm gonna miss Powderfinger so terribly much - there's nothing I can say here that hasn't already been said.

I came to as many shows as I could on the Sunsets tour (any more and I'd probably live in a cardboard box now), and managed to get Bern to notice and be confused by a really badly drawn sign I made in Ballarat... I count that as a win!

But seriously, your music has inspired me in myriad ways over the years - like many of us here, it's seen me through many hard times. I've loved every last one of your albums, and can't wait to see what you release post-breakup, and what you do individually (particularly can't wait for another Drag album, DZ, please? :D).

Basically I don't think I'll be entering a moshpit again... it just wouldn't be the same without Powderfinger!

- Nick

Darrin (13 December 2010 16:41:50)
thanks for the memories guys! they are definately something to hold onto! as for that ice tea hoggy.....I'll shout you 10!!

Erin (13 December 2010 15:59:44)
Dear, dear powederfinger,
You were the first band I ever saw live and to date you have been the last. Your music has really pushed me through tough times and has also been a comfort through times where the world seemed a total mess. Your fearless ability to fight for what is right and to advocate for those who need it, is truly inspiring. You have given your music powerful messages and have made people listen and pay attention. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your music that you have given the world and may all of your futures be filled with health, happiness and many many beautiful journey's.
Thanks again,

stacey (13 December 2010 14:38:51)
i love your music & u as blokes ur not just a band but a great group of blokes i hate the fact u's have decided 2 end the great band-powderfinger & will miss it but if it has 2 b it has 2 b so take care all the best 4 ur futures & thank u 4 the gre8 music me,my partner & our 3 kids luv
cheers stacey

Nadine Berry (13 December 2010 14:36:42)
Powderfinger. You have made a huge impact in my life over the years. Your music touches me deeply in so many ways. I'm glad that I got to see you 3 times in concert. Especially your Sunsets Tour which I wouldn't have missed! Thank-you for your very touching words to your fans which brought tears to my eyes. I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to see you guys in concert again. From Nadine xo.

Vanessa (13 December 2010 14:29:33)
Was hoping this day would never come, but the day has come. Thank you boys you are and always will be my number one band!! Excited to hear any new projects u all have! Love u guys xxx

JONNO (13 December 2010 14:27:49)
Love you guys so much! the feelings and memories uv given are as unique as your songs an music, and will last OUR life times mine especially, warmest 'MANLY HUGS!' LOL C YA !

ndk (13 December 2010 14:19:27)
Cannot wait for all the solo albums that will come from you guys and the pf box set of parties and b sides

Donna (13 December 2010 14:13:38)
Thankyou Guys for everything! Reading through these has bought a tear to my eye! Sadly I missed out on the Perth shows (not for lack of trying!!) Wish u all the best for the future, good luck with all your future endeavours! u will be deeply missed! xx

Lound and Proud from Perth (13 December 2010 13:55:50)
Hi guys
Was an amazing tour and the Perth concerts were just phenomenal! Am proud to be a foghorn from those Perth concerts! You music will live on in our lives and I wish you all the best to you and your families and look forward to your future projects x

Steve (13 December 2010 13:48:52)
So many wonderful memories. You guys have played a huge role in defining a generation of music listeners, and for that I thank you!!

Laura Bock (13 December 2010 13:14:31)
In total denial of you guys splitting and forever will remain so...looking forward to the comeback tour with Farnham! LOL! Thanks for the magic..xx

Lauren Jade Williams (13 December 2010 13:07:02)
@ Cogs! I am the girl from the Caloundra (cyclone) show that grabbed you for a photo before the show! The photo is now in a frame in my loungeroom & is very precious to me. Every concert of powderfinger I have been to has been awsome. Will miss all of you boys! Xx.

Rayna (13 December 2010 13:03:44)
Thanks fellas. Your words and music have changed lives and will keep doing so. My Kids will listen to you and every generation forth if I have anything to say about it.

You guys...Rock m/

Bruce (13 December 2010 12:00:30)
Thankyou so much guys for doing that last tour and for doing a second show in Adelaide. If not for that I would have never seen you guys live. It was great and I feel so lucky. Guess all I can do now is listen to your albums for years to come. A huge addition to the Aus music scene and an even bigger loss.

Ash (13 December 2010 11:59:31)
Thanks for the memories! You guys are one of those special bands that come along every so often. There is always a Powderfinger song that can sum up a situation, event or tough time in anyones life. These songs give us all out there the feel, 'hey, these guys get it' and alot of us can relate to them. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us and your tireless efforts to always give back to the fans. May Bernard, Cogs, Daz, JC & Ian. Enjoy the rest of life's journey and maybe someday our paths can cross again! Cheers!

Kate (13 December 2010 11:51:34)
Thanks for the memories that your songs bring everytime I hear them. I loved every concert over the years and will continue to listen to 'the Finger' and to all of your new musical adventures. You make us fellow Brisbanites proud. Thank You...

Dan (13 December 2010 11:30:51)
Thanks for everything guys. You will be sorely missed all over the world.

Chantelle (13 December 2010 11:24:17)
Thanks guys for the great music over the years. I'm really looking forward to seeing and hearing what you are all up to next. I first saw you live at the Lookout in Scarborough and you were awesome then and still awesome now. I really hope you change your mind about a reunion tour...My 4 year old wants to see you guys!

Dani (13 December 2010 11:21:56)
What can I say guys...it's been amazing to be a fan of yours and follow the journey from the beginning until the end. I finally sat down to watch the DVD this weekend on Blu-Ray (AWESOME!). I cried, laughed, felt immense pride and love for what you have shared with us. I feel like it's the end of an era of my life and mourn the vacant hole left like I have lost a dear friend. I met you all backstage in Sydney in 2005 and made you all sign every thing I had and then some, and you were all so obliging and lovely. I look at all my memorabilia hanging on the wall now and smile at the memory.

From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU!

x Dani.

Kym Melzer (13 December 2010 11:09:22)
Thanks for thanking and appreciating us, your fans. Your music will live on as the next generations continue to embrace it, we were the ones blessed to be able to attend the shows and be part of Oz music history. Really looking forward to the rarities album and Ian I know you said PF will never reform but adult baby or denim venim could ;) Enjoy your next chapters boys and thanks for the memories.

Bella (13 December 2010 10:56:58)
Thank you guys for entertaining us... It feels like we've shared a lifetime of music together, since I snuck into the Annandale 16 years ago to hear you guys when I was very underage!

Thanks for the memories & may the 'finger live on eternally.

Bella x

P.S. Thanks also to JC for taking my advice on the ARIA's jacket - you looked hot!

Laura (13 December 2010 10:55:55)
thank you so much for the memories. From heady rose and crown gigs to the riverstage farewell. Till we meet again, Adios. Laura xx

Jody (13 December 2010 10:54:54)
Well done guys!!

Alana Symons (13 December 2010 10:52:44)
Wow guys still finding it a shock to hear its all come to an end! Loved ur final show in Canberra -Bernard 'nobody knows' makes me ball everytime! Much love guys and best of luck for the future! will never stop listening even my 8 mth old baby loves u guys x

Suzanne (13 December 2010 10:51:34)
You are very much welcome. The memories that i have of every concert i went to over the last 10 years are as clear as the days i went to them. All the best in your future projects xxxxx

Trudy (13 December 2010 10:40:41)
you are all very welcome!! although i'm gonna miss going to your live gigs , your misic will be blared from various ipods through out my house, as i have raised three young finger devotees , if only we could all play the same song at the same time ! my love and best wishes to you all , devoted adelaidian fan xxx

margaret (13 December 2010 10:39:31)

Jill (13 December 2010 10:38:29)
Thanks for the lovely messages boys, and good luck on the next stage of your lives.


Emily Power (13 December 2010 10:36:48)
Your tracks are like the soundtrack to my life so far...
I remember when my mum bought me my first Powerderfinger CD - Double Allergic, and then the obsession grew (somewhat out of control at times - i won a guitar signed by you guys for singing on the radio in Darwin).
All the best with your future ventures and thanks for the awesome concerts over the years!

Jules (13 December 2010 10:31:09)
No.... THANK YOU!!!
You guys rock. Long live the finger!
Merry Christmas, rest up & take care of loved ones xo

Leila (13 December 2010 10:28:19)
Brilliant. thank you, thank you, thank you... Gonna miss you all but excited about the new ventures..... Will be staying tuned with much anticipation. x x x x x

Meg (13 December 2010 10:24:03)
You had to go and make me tear up! As if being at work on a Monday morning isn't bad enough! Seriously though, the three farewell concerts I went to were amazing and something myself and my kids will never forget. Enjoy your well earned rest and good luck for all your future journeys whatever they may be. xx

Jo (13 December 2010 10:22:30)
Thanks for the memories, guys. Life wouldn't have been the same without you. :)



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