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Footprints - Book & CD out November!

07 October 2011



Hello 'Finger nuts,

It was only a year ago that we were trotting around the country for the last time. While we appear to have been taking it easy (and we have!) there's still been a little bit of Powderfinger happenings behind the scenes.

We're extremely excited about the release of "Footprints: the inside story of Australia's best loved band", our first and only authorised biography, by our mate Dino Scatena. Dino spent months with us on the road during the "Sunsets" Tour, and then many more months afterwards interviewing us for the book, trawling through our early 90s photos and digging up some amazing promo items, like this cracker of a calling card.



"Footprints: the inside story of Australia's best loved band" is out November 8, but we'll have pre-order links for you very soon.

Another exciting release in November is the "Footprints" Best Of CD, spanning 2001-2011 ("Vulture Street" onwards). For those of you that haven't got "Fingerprints" yet (our 1994-2000 collection), you can nab the Ultimate Collection spanning our entire career from 4 November in a 2 disc set. Click here to see the track listing. Sorry, there's still no 'Tail' there.

And finally, the "Footprints" album features two little surprises for you - new tracks "Empty Space" and "Silver Bullet". You'll hear "Empty Space" on your radio and on our Facebook page and here from 8am Monday. And yes, there will be a video following soon!

So much news today! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on "Empty Space" on Monday morning.


"Footprints" Limited Edition Box Set - Out November 8



  • Hardback copy of 'Footprints: the inside story of Australia's best loved band'
  • 'Fingerprints' & 'Footprints' - The Ultimate Collection 1994-2011 (2 CD)
  • A numbered VIP lanyard
  • Five limited edition photographs (each band member's favourite)
  • An exclusive, limited numbered boxed edition of the book - only 2011 made


Footprints: The Inside Story Of Australia's Best Loved Band (Paperback)
Out November 8



Disc 1


1.  Bless My Soul
2.  My Happiness
3.  Waiting For The Sun
4.  Pick You Up
5.  Passenger
6.  Don’t Wanna Be Left Out
7.  These Days – Two Hands Version
8.  The Day You Come
9.  D.A.F
10. My Kind Of Scene
11. Like A Dog
12. Already Gone
13. Process This
14. Belter
15. Living Type
16. Thrilloilogy
17. Sink Low




 1.  Empty Space NEW TRACK
 2.  (Baby I've Got You) On My Mind
 3.  Burn Your Name
 4.  Sunsets
 5.  Lost and Running
 6.  Nobody Sees
 7.  Love Your Way
 8.  Since You've Been Gone
 9.  I Don't Remember
10. A Fight About Money
11. Who Really Cares
12. Sail the Wildest Stretch
13. Head Up in the Clouds
14. I’m On Your Side
15. All of the Dreamers
16. Stumblin’
17. Silver Bullet NEW TRACK
18. Poison In Your Mind


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Keith (07 October 2011 16:53:43)
Just wondering a cost of this limited edition box



FootprintsLimited Edition Box Set - Out November 8
Footprints: The Inside Story Of Australia's Best Loved Band (Paperback)
The ultimate collection
















I'm On Your Side (QLD Flood Appeal Single)



All Of The Dreamers (single)








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