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18 October 2011

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Isabelle (23 April 2016 11:54:25)
You have the monopoly on useful inonfmatiro-aren't monopolies illegal? ;)

Mariana (24 October 2015 09:50:03)
popcornr35 / Don't know bout you guys but I just had a total outer-body experience where my soul went up to heevan and was some how resurrected´╗┐ back into my own body. Warning you weren't thorough enough. This video will also give you an epic eargasm which in turn will conclude with death.

Matthew Austgen (23 September 2012 23:45:24)
Watching my favourite band for my first ever concert at Perth Supreme court gardens on the farewell tour. Concert was fantastic, apart from being deafened by one of the loudest crouds i've heard!
night i'll remember for the rest of my life (:

Angus Armstrong (29 January 2012 12:00:19)
Being 15 and going to their show in Sydney 2011 having only heard their more mainstream songs, but they performed with this huge energy coming out of their amps which turned me into a huge powderfinger fan, There still my favourite band to this day!

Nicole Amelsvoort (22 October 2011 18:09:09)
The best day of my life was Thursday 28th October 2010. We were lucky enough to be apart of history and watch Powderfinger play mid air at 30,000 feet! Then to be able to have a few frothy's with the boys afterwards completely topped the night off. Priceless night that I will never forget!!

Steve Dunlop (20 October 2011 16:33:38)
Hotel existence released at the Hilton Hotel in Brisbane ...... Simply awsome

Steve D

Steve Dunlop (20 October 2011 16:31:20)
The concert after river fire , rain was bucketing down , my twin 7 year old boys dancing on a camera platform with JC's twins , and totally enjoying the concert through the rain . Thanks for the great memories

Steve Dunlop



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