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We want you to be part of our show!

26 August 2010


We've been inundated with photos, however unfortunately many of these didn't meet the requirements. Please ensure that:

*your photo MUST be taken on black background (not cut out and stuck on top of black background)
*don't try to resize small photo to the large dimensions. We can't use these. If it looks blurry, or chunky to your eyes we can't use your photo
*only one or two people per photo
* head and shoulders only, not full body shots


Want to see your mug on the big screens at our shows as part of a very special thank you to our fans? The first 50 fans to send us their photo will get just that! Now before you get a-sending, please make sure your photo meets the below specifications, otherwise it won't be included. 


  • You can send as many photos of your friends as you like, but the photo must only contain one or two people.
  • Colour photo of one or two people only on black background
  • Head and shoulder shot (see example below)
  • Photo must be jpeg, and must be no smaller than 3.5MB
  • File Size: 300dpi / 25cm x 17cm

Example photo:



Deadline is Monday 30th August 12pm

Please email your entries to fanclub@powderfinger.com

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Cassandra (23 April 2016 12:45:59)
You col'undt pay me to ignore these posts!

Emily (08 September 2013 10:36:04)
Hola recien lo degracso, lo provare para luego decir como me fue, pero les adelanto que esto de los softwares es muy importante para el desarrollo de los universitarios y no la porqueria de esos ingenieros que ensef1an a lo antiguo, es decir solo teoria

kristen (31 August 2010 15:12:55)
sept 3rd , oct 8th & 9th , nov 13th ... wish i had more tix to bris , but better late than never eh. love your work boys. love love love your way ! xxx

Sheree (30 August 2010 18:52:06)
Cannot wait for you guys to visit us here in Rocky sunny Qld !!

jase (30 August 2010 18:05:02)
Bendigo show cant wait. following you guys for years and years, great effort.

Steve West (30 August 2010 12:00:57)
Oh, and by the way, check out our Crazy tour to see Podwerfinger in Darwin. Facebook page below.

Steve West (30 August 2010 11:53:10)
Finding it hard to get the file to 3.5MB.
I exported my picture as a jpg out of photoshop at the highest quality and it was only just over 1mb!!
And yes, It was 25cmx17cm at 300dpi.
Any clues??

Daniel Kelly (29 August 2010 17:40:59)
Massive fan. You guys ROCK!!!

Rachael Boyles (27 August 2010 14:11:10)
I bought tickets to the Tamworth show, but I can't go now (33 weeks pregnant with twins) but my hubby and his bro will be there. I walked down the aisle to Sunsets! You guys are AWESOME!!

Julie McKinlay (27 August 2010 00:50:25)
Pick me - Pick me!!

Tina (26 August 2010 22:27:27)
Are those sizes even possible to create??

Tina (26 August 2010 22:27:27)
Are those sizes even possible to create??

julianne henry (26 August 2010 21:21:05)
Thanks for Rocking My World Powderfinger,i will miss u all xox

Kristine Grobe (26 August 2010 20:01:42)
Love you guys! Will miss catching you live. Can't believe the sun is setting on this ride.

Chris Brown (26 August 2010 19:34:13)
It might be hard to get a 3.5MB jpg.
I exported my picture as a jpg out of photoshop at the highest quality and it was only 1.56MB.
And yes, It was 25cmx17cm at 300dpi (2953x2008px)

daniel (26 August 2010 18:56:04)
you guys are the best ozzy band ever.you guys absolutly ROCK!!!

nicky (26 August 2010 18:52:41)
love you guys soo much!!!!
ur music is the greatest eva!

alishia johnson (26 August 2010 18:05:18)
i cannot go to any of the shows too pregnant :0) so dissapointed though

Mitch Guy (26 August 2010 18:01:18)
im going to see you guys in bendigo cant wait!

julie brien (26 August 2010 17:57:49)

kris (26 August 2010 17:38:17)
I'm not sure which email to send my photo to for the head shot to be a part of the show? It doesn't say on the news page.

Hopefully the fanclu page is correct?

Ash Durre (26 August 2010 17:30:42)
I will be at Brisbane 4/9, Caloundra 8/10 and Brisbane 13/11 shows. Can't wait it will be so good. Ash

Fiona Cootes (26 August 2010 17:30:01)
I've got the photo, but I'm not quite sure how to attach it. Help ?????

Keirra Thomson (26 August 2010 17:21:01)
I don't know how to attach my photo..... and I so0o0o want you to have mine!

Keirra Thomson (26 August 2010 17:17:18)

JcO'R (26 August 2010 17:15:03)
how does one send them?

*probably missing the obvious*

Matt Kairl (26 August 2010 17:13:52)
Massive fan, 14 years old hope im not too late

Mel (26 August 2010 17:08:32)
Farewell guys!



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