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Thank you!

17 November 2010

Thank You!!

That's it, folks! The sun has finally set on Powderfinger's career. After a massive two-and-a-half months on the road, 34 shows, 21 cities and 300,000 punters, the "Sunsets" Farewell Tour has come to a close after Saturday's final Brisbane show. Those of you that made it along will know that the show was more a celebration of the band's career and a very fun party!

While the band are now heading off in different directions, we do have plenty of exciting goodies that should fill the Powderfinger-shaped hole in your heart for the next few months at least.


Directed by Gregor Jordan, this 2 disc DVD includes a live concert disc and behind-the-scenes documentary with never-before-seen footage, interviews with each band member and sneak peaks backstage on the "Sunsets" Tour. You'll even get to go into the studio with the band for the very last time! You can watch the trailer and pre-order it now at www.powderfingerstore.com. Look out for this on December 3 (also available on Blu Ray).




Powderfinger's final ever show, recorded live in Brisbane on Saturday night, is available for download now exclusively to iTunes. CLICK HERE TO BUY IT NOW.

Fans outside Australia/New Zealand: this product will be available in your local iTunes store next week.




Don't forget you can still pick up the live recording of the "Sunsets" Tour show you attended as a 2 disc CD from www.powderfingerlive.com. These will only be available for a limited time, so get in quickly or this will be lost forever!


That's it for today folks. Keep an ear out for a special message from the band, as well as further Powderfinger news, in the coming weeks.

Ms Fanclub xox

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Keith Done (07 July 2011 07:34:57)
It's the evening of my 65th birthday and I'm sitting here (in Chester, England) listening to Powderfinger tracks on Spotify and reflecting what an absolute tragedy it is that such a collective of virtuosos are no longer together and producing more phenomenal music. I had heard the odd track by the band (My Happiness, Lost And Running ….) during visits to relatives in Australia/New Zealand in 2006 and 2009 but the sounds were lost in all the great Aussie/Kiwi music I had never heard before. However on my next trip down under, in March of this year, I “discovered” Hotel Existence on the Quantas London/Singapore flight and was blown away. I managed to buy that album and Odyssey No 5 while down there (and even visited Byron Bay while on the Gold Coast) but have been unable to track down any other albums or DVD since returning home. To make matters worse, I wont be back for another 18 months so will have to rely on overseas mail to complete my catalogue. The bitterest pill to swallow is that I'll never see the band live. I trust this note helps to demonstrate that great music is ageless and an old rocker like me, raised on Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Big Country (to mention a few favourites over the years) can still appreciate artists from the other side of the world when they make such a magnificent and inspirational sound. Belated thanks fellas and please take pity on an old timer and do it all again one more time and I'll be on the first plane down.

Jo (19 March 2011 14:46:57)
Well it's March 2011 and just want to assure you lads that you are still missed greatly. Your music resonates from my radio everyday and your sunsets tour is etched in my mind forever. MISS YOU ! xoxo

Kristy Kassulke (17 November 2010 18:33:37)
Saturday's concert was just amazing and brilliant and it was a beautiful congregation of music, love and peace. It was breathtakingly amazing. The music was just wonderful as always and I thank-you Powderfinger for making such inspiring and just great music!

Angela El-Tahche (17 November 2010 15:58:24)
Can they release some more merchandise - I really want the hoodie......

Jason Kleinitz (17 November 2010 09:40:32)
i went to the bendigo show, it was BLOODIE AWSOME guys, you guys rocked, and bendigoinoff was Exactly that, lol just wanted to some how say thanks for your great music over the years, you guys are a true band and true aussies, hopefully you guys get together again one day for abit of a tour jam, best of luck to all band members im sure the futures going to be as big as you guys are. so thanks again, and peace out boys.

Pete Morrow (17 November 2010 08:45:44)
powderfinger you rocked hard at caloundra even though the weather was shit you's were shit hot as always!! you'll be missed by australia as a whole but especially by us qlders...thanks for the good times....Beast..

Denise (17 November 2010 08:39:33)
Will the fans in the USA be able to get a live CD of a show that we can choose?
I had hoped to go to the 18Sept. Sydney show but my niece got married here at my home and the family from Australia all came here!!!!
I had the DJ play some Powderfinger songs!!!!
Thank you and good luck to all of you!!

Paul Savage (17 November 2010 08:38:40)
Hello Ms F,
just curious because i would have bought it for sure, but why was the last concert in Brisbane not released on disc the same as the other 3 concerts were? itunes only for some reason & ive heard it was edited?



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I'm On Your Side (QLD Flood Appeal Single)



All Of The Dreamers (single)








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