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Please donate to the Flood Relief Appeal!

17 January 2011

The recent floods that ravaged Queensland have saddened and shocked us all. Our sympathies go out to everyone that has been affected and our condolences to those who have lost loved ones. The Powderfinger bandroom at Newstead went under, along with many of our wonderful neighbours' businesses and we thank everyone who came to lend a hand in the clean up.

There have been some suggestions in the press for us to reform and play a charity concert, and while flattering,  we would like to politely decline. We played together for the last time in November and intend to keep it that way. We do however want to help so we are currently planning to release a never-before-heard Powderfinger song with all proceeds going towards raising the hopes and finances of those recovering from the disaster by donation to The Premier's Flood Relief Appeal. Stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime we have donated to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal to help get the ball rolling.  We know that Fingers fans are extraordinarily generous and we appeal to you to help out one more time by purchasing our song, or donating to one of the suitable funds.  All the best and we hope you are safe and well.



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Kayleen (23 April 2016 12:54:31)
I read your post and wished I'd writetn it

Janine Fitzpatrick (29 January 2011 11:26:27)
Love the new song and i will be buying it. Love every Powderfinger song. So shattered that they broke up. I wanted them to be the U2 of Australia and record forever. They are the best band ever. I am a very passionate fan and i am 53 years old and love Bernard and every song he sings.

Nat (21 January 2011 16:20:56)

Silvina GL (19 January 2011 04:38:29)
Hang strong, Australia!
All my support to you guys and hopes for some relief after the flood. We'll keep alert to help in any way I can from here, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Love Powderfinger and Australia.
Keep the faith!

Melanie Eather (18 January 2011 14:05:59)
Well done guys, what a great compromise. Looking forward to hearing the new single!!!!. Bernard my condolances about your father, my thoughts are with you and your family.

Donna Dee (18 January 2011 06:36:26)
Well said guys .While it wouldve been easy to bow down to ongoing public presure to play 'just one more time ' you have maintained the intergrity and class you showed throughout your career by standing by your words and doing things on your terms .Your decision and the way you have addressed the issue should be respected by all .Looking forward to the song the guys cant wait to buy and hear it .xxx

Lisa Hardman (18 January 2011 02:29:13)
You're to be commended for sticking to your guns - and maintaing your integrity - despite unwarranted critisism.

As for nadsdrawkcab, how about you take the first four letters of your name, add 'Go' to it, then grow some. Also donate the money you'd be wasting on the case of beer to the flood appeal instead!

Kerry K (18 January 2011 01:41:00)
The perfect response. The cynics would have had a field day. You are are doing the best thing you You've donated and sent everyone links to donate too. I'm also sure that you'll contribute so much more that what sales of the new song will raise. Bless Your Souls xx

Alana Smith (17 January 2011 21:50:50)
Awesome effort guys. I also respect your decision and can't wait for the release of the song. I was born in Ipswich but have been a Brisvegas girl for 28 years. To see this unfold last week in Brisbane was astonishing. I went to Ipswich yesterday to see my mum and in her over 50's Village alone 100 properties have flood damage. Every cent counts and I keep finding new ways to give more.

Angela Goodwin (17 January 2011 15:04:02)
Wow what a treat! Can't wait to hear and buy your song. What a great idea in lieu of a charity concert. You told us the end was the end and I respect it (although I don't agree with it!). Take care, Angela

nadsdrawkcab (17 January 2011 13:51:16)
No charity gig huh. Shameful. You just cost me case of beer.

Michelle (17 January 2011 12:18:55)
Thanks guys. While it would have been nice, I never really expected you to get back together. Hope you haven't been effected too much personally from what's happening up there, I'm down in S.A. and we're all trying hard to comprehend the extent of what happened. We're all worrying about the Murray flooding soon.
Looking forward to the new cd.

Simone McArdle (17 January 2011 12:00:24)
Hi Guys
I suggested for yo guys to perhaps do a charity concert. I do understand why you don't want to but I just want to say thank you for the new song release.

This is a fantastic idea and I'm sure it will raise a lot of money. I for one, with many of your others fans will purchase it! Good on you all :)
Qlder & Proud!

Craig Rickards (17 January 2011 11:47:34)
Well done boys, would have loved to see you again, but understand why we won't. You guys have done enough over the years with concerts for those in need. I am a member of the Army Reserve and have been working as the Military Liaison at the QE2 Evac centre. It has been interesting to say the least with some of the people here, most are checking out today, so hopefully we can get things closed down out here within the next few days.



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