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JC & Ian at Brisbane soundcheck

JC & Ian - Brisbane soundcheck

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Tais (24 October 2015 09:54:46)
'We want music to be like water – available evreewhyre, available seamlessly,” Reference article ] They feel strongly that sharing music is their RIGHT. Like it or not, this is a part of the modern culture of music fans'.But what they fail to understand is that music, like water, is NOT free. Someone's paying for it municipal government / tax dollars, in the case of water and a music-maker's time and production costs in the case of music.For all you music stealers out there: don't equate artists / copyright owners with large corporations. They are not always one-in-the-same. The vast majority of artists who choose to pursue music as a profession are themselves small businesses. Don't try to rationalize illegal downloading by telling yourself you're just sticking it to the man. Really what you're doing is slowly eroding the middle-class lives of countless artists and the other small businesses and industries that surround the creation of new music.Again, I think this problem runs very deep and we, as artists have to find new ways of negotiating the constantly changing terrain of how music is published and find alternatives to what is clearly a broken system. Spotify is not an alternative I can support.



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